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I haven't been a member of this community long, so I figured I'd introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Anna.
I don't actually live in Northland, but I was born in Whangarei and I go back to New Zealand often, mostly to Warkworth and Auckland, but also regularly to Tutakaka, where we have a property with a gorgeous view and grass that's too long for its own good.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, now, but I still absolutely love Northland... because it's kind of impossible not to. I've been living in Melbourne for a while, and I'm 18; I just finished high school.

We're going to Warkworth and Tutakaka for Christmas and New Year, so that should be fantastic.

And... hello!
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Good folking gig!

Great folky gig tonight at Forum North, Whangarei, the small venue, which i loved and it reminded me of the Lycium small theatre in Edinburgh. Andrew White and his Cape Breton fiddling wife Gillian Boucer. Also local mandaline player Nathon. Good solid internationally skilled stuff.
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Rock Gig in Whangarei on Easter Sunday

Led Zep/Deep Purple tribute type band (called Altitude) doing gig at Adrenalin night club in Whangarei on Easter Sunday.

Why is it always so difficult to find out about gigs and music stuff happening in NZ? Or am I just not plugged into the right channels. Anyway, I had to find out about this in the local free rag only today. That's rediculous. There should be posters around town and stuff like that. Anyway, I'll be there, can't miss an opportunity for some half decent music on my doorstep. Gotta support it!

Maybe someone else will be there as well? I'm sure there are other people around Whangarei who are into good music, good art films and good food - where do you get them? There's the folk club, there's Tango's or Deluge, I heard there may be a film society, anyone know where I can get plugged into real mentally stimulating life around Whangarei?
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I am 17.F.NZ, originally from up North in a little hole of a place called Okaihau but am now staying outta Hamz, so yeah if you would like check out my Journal lds_wahine, add me and I'll add u, and if there is anything else u wanna know then let me know.

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Going up North

Just thought ild write in here since i haven't done so in awhile.
Im going up North to visit in Sisiter who lives in Waiotira, its a very small Town, so you may not know where it is.

But you go down the first turn off Passed the Oakleigh Mobil, when you are driving to Whangarei.
We are going to be there for the weekend, and i think we may even be going up to Kaitaia to visit some friends, should be a nice long trip.
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is anyone going to the wine and food festival at barge park on saturday ? i was thinking of going, but think i will pass now :)

another thought that came to mind was did anyone want to meet up and say do something like a pool evening in town and just have a general natter, and get to know new people ?
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