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Rock Gig in Whangarei on Easter Sunday

Led Zep/Deep Purple tribute type band (called Altitude) doing gig at Adrenalin night club in Whangarei on Easter Sunday.

Why is it always so difficult to find out about gigs and music stuff happening in NZ? Or am I just not plugged into the right channels. Anyway, I had to find out about this in the local free rag only today. That's rediculous. There should be posters around town and stuff like that. Anyway, I'll be there, can't miss an opportunity for some half decent music on my doorstep. Gotta support it!

Maybe someone else will be there as well? I'm sure there are other people around Whangarei who are into good music, good art films and good food - where do you get them? There's the folk club, there's Tango's or Deluge, I heard there may be a film society, anyone know where I can get plugged into real mentally stimulating life around Whangarei?

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