n/a (iheartfeijoas) wrote in northland,

I haven't been a member of this community long, so I figured I'd introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Anna.
I don't actually live in Northland, but I was born in Whangarei and I go back to New Zealand often, mostly to Warkworth and Auckland, but also regularly to Tutakaka, where we have a property with a gorgeous view and grass that's too long for its own good.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, now, but I still absolutely love Northland... because it's kind of impossible not to. I've been living in Melbourne for a while, and I'm 18; I just finished high school.

We're going to Warkworth and Tutakaka for Christmas and New Year, so that should be fantastic.

And... hello!

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    I just created a community for (young) New Zealand parents. Hope it's okay to advertise. nzmamas

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    Hey there! I'm Nellie. I'm 17 and from Whangarei. Nice idea for a community. Does anyone go to WGHS? Did you see Zed?

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    Great folky gig tonight at Forum North, Whangarei, the small venue, which i loved and it reminded me of the Lycium small theatre in Edinburgh. Andrew…

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